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Quest is a game about wanting to get breakfast and being subjected to Murphy's Law.

Quest really, really shouldn't be available for download; There's literally only one room halfway done right now. But, I wanted to go ahead and show a clear line of progression as I work on it. I'm doing this in my spare time so don't expect updates every week, but I am passionate about it so bear with me.

Quest is made in RPG Maker MV and uses assets provided with the game (for now). Eventually I plan to replace them all with custom assets but the key thing right now is getting it all out of my head and into the game.

Current Version: 0.0.1

Install instructions

Don't download it. You're going to be disappointed. There's literally more entertainment value in watching paint dry.


quest-win.zip 97 MB
Version 1 May 19, 2017

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