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Atlas is a side-project of mine to help keep the creative juices flowing while I work on Pox. It's an adult text game that will feature a crap-ton of sexual content. When things get a little further along, I'll add more information.

Install instructions

To play online: Click Here.

To play offline (Windows only):

  1. Download the archive for your OS' architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). If in doubt, download the 64-bit archive.
  2. Unpack and run the executable named "atlas.exe"


Atlas | 0.0.007 (Windows 64-Bit) 77 MB

Development log


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First- I cannot get 32-bit to function I unzip and try to run the application and it just never opens...
Second- After I complete the first mission of taking out the trash the second mission never begins. I'm stuck in the small space with useless Holly, reading the text that the dirty dishes are stacked up but you'll leave that for later. It's done this in both downloaded app and in browser, and if YEET the trash or just take it out standardly

Thank you for reporting issues with the 32-bit version. I experienced some issues exporting it myself but figured it might just be an isolated case.

As for the second mission, it's currently not complete yet. There were a lot of things that were changed around underneath the hood, and it didn't get finished. Ultimately I aim to have the entire prologue and character creation completed by March. However, it all depends on how my work schedule plays out.